About us

We’re designers Zane & Reinis Maskav‘s or Honey Furniture. Honey Furniture is handcrafting sustainable design furniture & lighting from reclaimed wood, combining it with glass and copper, accordingly breaking stereotypes that old and reclaimed can be only rustic. We're taking inspiration from nature, creating Biophilic design, using materials from old and also historical buildings.

Every lighting & furniture product that they make tells its own story. We create contemporary design using wood that is more than 200 years old, which is laced with its own personality and breathes, telling a warm, carefree and gentle story. During the years, wood becomes stronger, meanwhile wood lifelines – more expressive. As years go by, as more valuable it becomes – as good wine.

We believe that reclaiming old wood, we give them third life.

Zane & Reinis Maskav’s

Honey Furniture